WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

Editorial Policy

WKHS Media is a publication of Worthington Kilbourne High School, 1499 Hard Road, Columbus, Ohio. Kilbourne News is a student-run website produced by the Advanced Journalism, and Advanced Communication Technology publication classes of Worthington Kilbourne. This website provides information, entertainment, and commentary from Worthington Kilbourne students on matters of school, local, state, national, and international matters of interest. 

Readers may respond to WKHS Media through comments on stories or in emails to the advisors. The staff reserves the right to edit comments for length, grammar, invasion of privacy, obscenity, or potential libel. 

Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of Worthington Kilbourne Faculty, Administrators, the School Board, or the Worthington community. 

Any errors printed on this website will be corrected upon the request of the parties involved and will appear as a correction.

The advisors of the production classes advise the students who produce this publication. It is the editors who determine and are responsible for the content of the publication. 

All comments and concerns can be emailed to [email protected] or sent to the school address: 

The Ravine 
c/o Bri Brooks 
Worthington Kilbourne High School 
1499 Hard Road 
Columbus, Ohio 43235