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Students and Teacher Opinion: Library Regulations

Rules have changed in the library this year. Students share their thoughts.

This year, Kilbourne has set up new regulations for the library during lunch periods. The library limits the amount of students in the library to 25 per period, and students have to sign in at the library’s side entrance to get in. This change was made over concerns of student disruption. 


“The changes were a school decision, first of all, and there were several reasons that it was changed.” says librarian, Ms. Humphrey. “Students need a quiet space to work, and previous years it was way too loud. Students weren’t using the space appropriately. The library was crowded and loud and all of the kids in there hindered students’ ability to get academic work done.” She also expresses concerns for classes using the library as a teaching space. “Oftentimes we’ll have teachers who want to use the library as a space to teach. We also need to maintain the space for classes so teachers can use them to teach. Students have the commons for non-academic reasons. We want the library to be a quiet space.” 


Many students used the space rather irresponsibly. “According to Mr. Almanson, people were hanging out in the library and skipping classes, causing disruption for the kids there for academic work,” says security monitor Rocky Miller.


I came to students to share their opinions on the changes. Many students interviewed chose to remain anonymous in their responses.


“It’s dumb.” was a very popular response among students. “Bring back the library from last year.” was another one. For context, last year, students would enter through the front door and the library would be closed for other students only when it was considered full. One group of students agreed that they preferred the leniency that they had previously.

“I get why they did it, but they shouldn’t have restricted it just because of a couple of students.” says a student who argues that the reason the library is regulated is due to the actions of select students in the past.


“If you want to get into the library, you would have to skip lunch just for a chance to get in.” says another student. “People want to use the library, but they also want to eat lunch and hang out with their friends. There’s no chance of that now.”

“You’ll get your ID checked just to make sure you actually signed in. It just doesn’t seem necessary.”

“Some people just want to study in a quiet space. Or read or just hang out. We’re stuck in the cafeteria.”

A student under the pen name “Dexter Jones” complained about how the line for the library obstructed student traffic in-between bells.

Many students who don’t like the new rules have even tried to work around the restrictions established in the library and the school has made changes consequently. “No. You can’t sign up early for the period.” says Rocky. “You can only sign in one person [yourself] at a time. We limit the library to 25 students at a time. That’s all.”

“I get why they did it,” says senior Will Snyder, “but it’s too restrictive. At the very least increase the amount of students that can enter the library at a time.”

However, the chance that rules will change are next to none, especially considering that the library is set to be completely relocated in the near future. “I don’t think there will be options.” says Ms. Humphrey. “The library’s actually going to be rebuilt, starting next semester, and it will be closed completely during construction. Policies really can’t change right now, so students are going to need to be flexible. The library will be different by then so rules might change based on that.”

“What would have been the library would eventually, basically be 209. It will still be a quiet space.” says Rocky. The library will soon be closed during the second semester and for the near future afterwards.

Despite common student opinion, the environment in the library has notably changed. And the facility has gotten quieter according to Ms. Humphrey. “I think that the people in here are actually getting work done, and I’m able to assist more students because there aren’t a hundred students in the room. Many students here have actually been vocal about their appreciation for the changes.”

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