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Kilbourne’s Yoga Club

Cameron Dewey
Yoga Club members settle into a downward dog.

Being a school with over 40 clubs and other activities, Worthington Kilbourne offers many unique chances for students to be involved in school based on their passions and interests. One of these distinctive opportunities is Kilbourne’s Yoga Club. Started last year, the club is run by Chelsey Hundertpfund and Senior President Awa Dia. Dia is also the founder of the Yoga Club. She explains that she was “talking to a friend about starting a club and thought about [her] interests that [she] would like to share with the school.” The interest that stood out most to her was yoga, so she carried on that idea and took action to create a club so that she could share her passions with other students.

Dia stretches with her fellow members of the yoga club.

Yoga Club takes place weekly, alternating between Thursday and Friday mornings, from around 8-8:35am. Hundertpfund shares that a typical meeting will entail “a 20 minute yoga session and a 5 minute meditation style cool down.” Within those 20 minutes of yoga, there is variation, as sessions are led by either Hundertpfund or parts of meetings are led by one of the club leaders. Dia expands on the content of the meetings, as she mentions that “club meetings start off with greetings then we come together and stretch. The meetings differ based on what kind of stretches we do that day, and we have recently incorporated breathing exercises.” Both advisor and president explain that the group is beginning to adapt to the interests of the members by including more breathing based yoga. 

Members listen to the student instructor of the week.

Though meetings themselves vary from one another based on activity or the leader of the group, the passion of the club remains the same: As said by Hundertpfund, “we believe that having a regular yoga practice in your life brings a consistent source of positivity into your life.” Clubs such as Yoga Club or other opportunities at Kilbourne also create a sense of belonging among students. Dia explains that her “favorite part about the club is when we talk about how we felt during the exercises and we can all relate in some way.” Relating to peers is something that all students search for. Hundertpfund urges participation, noting that “students can come to these sessions without worry and without needing to know extensively about yoga. They can participate and learn as they go.” Dia suggests: “For anyone who is wondering about yoga and wants to incorporate it into their lives, come to the meetings. You’ll learn so much.”


 If interested, any student can get involved in Yoga Club by simply attending one of the club’s meetings before school on either Thursdays or Fridays, which take place in room 132. For more information, the GroupMe message can be joined by scanning the QR code that is hung in posters around Kilbourne. Also, Club President Awa Dia can be reached through email at [email protected]

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