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WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

Shooting For The Stars: WKHS Theater Program

Drama club at Worthington Kilbourne High School has seen a great deal of success these past few years and has gained more attraction than ever thanks to the hardworking cast and crew.


One of the most acclaimed programs at Kilbourne, the theater program has experienced a great deal of success in recent years as the cast and crew put their best foot forward to perform groundbreaking shows. Categorized as our drama club, this program thrives in the 2023 season. The Ravine had a chance to take a closer look at the details and opinions of those closest in the operations and hear special input from a Broadway star. 

Sophomore Myisha McLellan tells The Ravine about her positive experiences with drama club and touches on her biggest achievements and favorite memories from working on these productions. McLellan shares that “[she] chose to join theater because everyone is so kind and understanding and [they] all bond and want the best for each other.” Through these connections, students in drama club are surrounded by others who share the same passions and all help one another reach their own personal goals. 


Every year, the drama club puts together 5 shows, all of which are almost entirely run by the students. Even though these productions take a great deal of work and energy, we have an amazing group of students that are excited and willing to take on these challenges. 


The Ravine asked sophomore Mia Manning why she decided to join theater and her response to that was she had “been drawn in by the comfort, kindness, and genuineness of the other students and adults” who help manage the shows. Manning also included that working with this group of people helped in “growing [her] confidence and versatility.” 


“Commit to being better tomorrow.” – David Hibbard, Broadway performer


Through all of their success, the drama club has been able to take part in some exciting events including attending a theater workshop in New York City and speaking directly with a Broadway performer. The Ravine had the privilege to stop by and learn more about Broadway actor, David Hibbard, and his experiences with high school theater. Hibbard shares to WKHS students that he wasn’t exposed to high school theater until his junior year when given the opportunity to work the curtains for his school play. From watching the cast sing and dance to hearing the excitement from the audience, he realized that theater was what he wanted to do. He emphasizes to WKHS students to work hard and “commit to being better tomorrow.” Hibbard continues to perform on Broadway, currently starring as Mr. Jolly in Mrs. Doubtfire, and enjoys speaking to young children about his passion for the performing arts. He also graciously gives advice to students looking to pursue a career in theater.


McLellan offered WKHS students some advice for people interested in joining drama club by telling how “[she] was scared to go and try out the class, but as soon as [she] walked in on the 1st day, everyone was so sweet and welcoming.” 

We look forward to seeing the future productions by the WKHS drama club and we wish them the best of luck for their upcoming performances!

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