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Playa Bowls Dublin

Noah Koppert
inside of Playa Bowls Dublin

Playa Bowls, a restaurant that serves up their famous smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices and more, has gained popularity over the last couple years. After the success of a location on Ohio State’s Campus off of North High Street, a new location has opened closer to Kilbourne in Dublin.

Located at 6704 Perimeter Loop Rd in Dublin, it is only a 15 minute drive from Kilbourne so it is the perfect new spot for a refreshing snack.

“So we opened December 23 of 2023, so about a month ago from today.” Manager Megan Tsay stated. “Opening day we actually had a line like down past like the Giant Eagle, and it was pretty gross out so we were happy to see everyone make it out.” Despite the rainy and cold weather, customers still showed.

Shelfs full of Playa Bowls merchandise and health ingredients available for purchase

Whenever a new business opens up, it is a good opportunity for people to find jobs. The case is no different for this new Playa Bowls location.

“I decided to work at Playa because I take pride in my health and am a food junky.” Employee Brenna Heffernan said.

This new location allows people who had to drive down to the Ohio State Campus and through the often busy traffic, a closer location for them to get their filling.

“I was obsessed with the one on campus and when I heard one was opening close to me, I had to get involved,” Heffernan stated.

They don’t just hire anyone however, they have a standard that they have set so that they are able to maintain their image.

“Really what we look for is like people who are hardworking people who are eager to like help others because that’s like kind of what we strive to do every day when we come here,” Tsay said.

Walking in the front door, you are immediately greeted with loud music, smiles and surfboards. Envision yourself as if you are on the beach in New Jersey, craving a refreshing smoothie bowl after a long day of surfing. This is how the company wants the customer to feel as they enter.

“Whenever anyone comes into the store, we want it to be a fun, loud environment. We like really try to have fun as a staff . . . we just kind of want this to be a place that

Surfboards scattered across ceiling of store (Noah Koppert)

people can kind of escape to almost.” Tsay told us.

With 7 different smoothie bowl bases which include: acai, pitaya, coconut, green, chia pudding, banana, oatmeal, and a whole bunch of toppings including a variety of fruits, nuts and spreads (i.e. nutella, peanut butter, and honey), there is something that everybody will like.

Although our Nutella- Acai bowl is the most popular, I am obsessed with our coconut base . . .  I enjoy the coconut base topped with strawberries, bananas, peanut butter AND nutella. SO good!” Heffernan said.

Tsay said, “I really love our chia pudding, but it’s very much a texture thing . . . Personally, I like to do it mixed with our acai base. So then it’s like acai flavored chia pudding. It’s supper yummy.”

Playa Bowls is open from 8am-8pm seven days a week. If you need a healthy snack or a cool place to hang out, be sure to make the quick trip to Dublin to try it out.

Nutella Acai Bowl (Noah Koppert)
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