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WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

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Abi Goodrich

The group of swimmers that qualified for their State meet, featuring Abi in the middle. Photo by “twkswimdive” Instagram page.

This week, the Ravine was excited to dive in and get to know our featured wolf, Abi Goodrich.

Abi stands out due to her recent success on Kilbourne’s Swim and Dive team. Abi swam the 100-meter backstroke in regionals and she qualified for states. She also swam in two relays, both of which also qualified for the state meet.

Abi has been swimming since she was young and swam competitively for nearly seven years. This year was her first experience swimming for a school team and she shared a few insights about her experience. She explains, “Kilbourne swim brings an awesome atmosphere, where we are all amazing friends. Somebody is always laughing, and we are always supporting one another.” Kilbourne’s Swim and Dive program has an undeniably warm and welcoming atmosphere, but that doesn’t shadow the huge commitment swimmers must stick to while they are in season.

Abi is a freshman, and she told us a little about how she has been navigating the balance between her school, social, and swim life this winter. “I am currently taking honors classes with an academic prep. I try to use this time as efficiently as possible, so I won’t have to think about schoolwork after practice.”

This problem is not unique to Abi, as many athletes feel overwhelmed with all there is to do and all that is expected of them. It is undeniable that having talent in any one of those specific areas, let alone multiple, adds extra stress to students’ plates, so we asked Abi to share some specific ways she has been balancing this workload as she prepares for the state meet. She shared, “as we get closer to the big meets, the overall yardage of practices drops, and it’s time to focus on the smaller details. All of the work in the season has been put in, so it’s just time to go fast. By cutting out some yards, our bodies can get some extra, and much needed, rest and recovery so we can swim at our best,” Abi said.

While this preparation is necessary, it doesn’t leave much room for anything else, but Abi shared further, “I try to use every opportunity in school to get my work done. This is because I know at the end of the night when I’m tired, I won’t want to be doing homework. Being social is another challenge- because the vigorous practice schedule, it leaves very little time for other activities. Most of my closest friends are from swim because we all have the same schedule and see each other all of the time.”

Switching gears, we also got to know a little about Abi’s plans involving swim. Abi is currently “wanting to be continuing swimming through college” but after that, she will probably give herself, “a lifelong break.” 

Lastly, Abi left us with a piece of advice and a few words to keep in our back pocket. Her advice is, “Know that good results require hard work. Things won’t always be handed to you, but hard work will pay off in the long run.” The last thing she gave us was the saying she uses to ground herself in stressful situations and also to remind her of what can be done in situations and what can’t: She says, “control the controllables.” She then elaborated, sharing, “It is certainly easier said than done but it provides a great mindset through tough times. Sometimes the situation isn’t ideal, and many athletes will just give up and complain. But one of the best things to do is think about the things you can control, and make the most of it.”

We wish Abi and all of Kilbourne Swim and Dive the best of luck as they finish their season in the state competition. Have a great week Kilbourne, Go Wolves!

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