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4th Quarter


The fourth quarter can be a hard time for many students to keep motivated in not only their school work but other obligations such as sports and jobs, so this week the Ravine gathered wisdom from teachers around Kilbourne on how to give the fourth quarter your best effort. The teachers were all asked 3 essential questions and hopefully, their answers can provide some advice and encouragement that will finish the year strong. First, we asked teachers about when they normally see their students fall off motivation-wise.

Rocky offering encouragement!!

Mr. Jordan is in his 29th year at Kilbourne and teaches various history classes including freshmen, juniors, and seniors. He shared his insight on where the 4th quarter lull is most common amongst his students.

He shares that “a lot of students don’t fall off during the fourth quarter, but with those who are unable to, it’s generally after spring break that they fall off the most.”

Mr. Isenhour, who teaches various math classes and an AP computer science class, has students in every grade throughout the day. He shared his observations on when the fourth quarter lull most frequently happens.

He explained, “I think every kid is different but the majority tend to ease off when the weather gets warmer. It’s hard for a lot of kids to choose doing homework over being outside.”

For a lot of students, this decline is inevitable. So, what is there to do?

Luckily, Kilbourne teachers didn’t just leave us there: They also shared their wisdom and advice on how to stay motivated. Mrs. Mann, one of the guidance counselors at Kilbourne shared her insights on motivation strategies for students to implement. These can apply not only in school but in any area of life, even after high school.

She suggests, “I think one thing that can be helpful for students is goal setting. Set a few smaller goals and work towards those and that can help motivate you when you’re reminded of what you are working towards.”

Mr. Isenhour shared her sentiment, as he advised, “Set a goal. It can be big or small or whatever you choose but I think everyone should have a goal because it helps strengthen your motivation to work towards something you care about and are interested in accomplishing.”

Just like students, teachers, and staff also experience a lack of motivation and find it increasingly difficult to keep on top of everything, we are all human after all! Luckily, our teachers were willing to share their favorite things to keep in the back of their heads to help them stay motivated.

I may move slowly, but i never move backwards

— Abraham Lincoln

Mr. Jordan shared a quote from Abraham Lincoln reading, “I may move slowly, but I always move forward.”

Infographic displaying positive friendships.

He chooses this quote because it reminds him that “as long as you continue to do something to keep yourself moving, it’s okay if you are not exactly where you want to be. It’s always the first few steps that are the hardest.”

Mrs. Mann also shared a quote from Thoreau that reads, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve always imagined.”

She has found that keeping this in the back of her mind helps her to remember why she’s working towards her goal. A goal can stop work from feeling pointless and help it feel meaningful!

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Eisenhour shared a piece of advice on how to tangibly remind yourself of your goals; he shared, “Surround yourself with at least one friend to remind you of your goals. They also make sure you can be that person for someone else. Friends are so important and surrounding yourself with encouraging friends is more impactful than most people think.”

As we approach Spring Break, think about these strategies that our teachers shared, and also remember that your teachers would love to give you advice or help you out!

School is OUT
Enjoy your summer Kilbourne!


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