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WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

WKHS News | By Kilbourne, For Kilbourne

Black Student Association

BSA member and Co-President Aminata Bundu Supporting the INTERACT Group by Senior Breana McGrier here at WKHS.

Here at Worthington Kilbourne High School (WHKS) there are so many clubs to join, like the Black Student Association (BSA). According to Assistant Principal Josh Almanson, 7% of students are African American students at WKHS. It is important for Worthington to have a club like BSA because African American students can connect and share their background stories.

Kilbourne’s BSA is pictured above at a meeting in room 263.

Although it is fairly new, this club has been at WKHS since November of 2023 . This association was created to help embrace many Black cultures that may be overlooked or forgotten. In this group, we do different projects and events. At a typical meeting, if there is an event the BSA is planning, the group goes over decorations, scheduling, supervising, hanging posters around WKHS, and using social media to announce events. If there is not an event, the group meets and talks about what events they are looking forward to, what events they would like to plan, and talk about life and Black culture.

Aminata Bundu stated, ” BSA brought a community together and helped me meet new people and I can say because of¬† this community i’m more outgoing.”

It wasn’t easy to get a space for the students: They had to fight for it. The BSA was working to find a room to meet in, which was one of the biggest challenges. In spite of their struggle to secure a space in the school, they were able to continue their mission to support African American students here at WKHS.

BSA at Thomas Worthington for their Black History Month performance by Senior Breana McGrier here at WKHS.

“The community in BSA is really good. I like how there is no fighting. We just connect – it’s like we are all brothers and sisters,” Fatima Danmaitwo stated.

BSA creates different events and activities that they do in the Calm Cafe for everybody to attend, though some events were just for BSA. The events just for BSA include Soul Food Night and the visit to TWHS for their Black History Month performance.

Soul food night was hosted just for the members of BSA. There was food, music and dancing.

Malea Givens, a sophomore at WKHS, shared that “The Thomas Worthington trip was a lot of fun. Not only were we able to see a spectacular performance, [but] we also talked to some of the students who ran it.”

BSA loves to show up and Support other schools and other groups. Like watching the Thomas BHM performance and Supporting the INTERACT Group here at WKHS.

During Black History Month in the Calm Cafe, they did Karaoke, Walk Of Fame, and Poetry. All these events were for fun and to educate others.

BSA Member Kesia Roy-Macauley  Signing at the Karaoke event in the Calm Cafe by senior Breana McGrier here at WKHS

The Walk of Fame was to introduce everybody to different African American activists, writers, athletes, inventors and more.

BSA would love to have more African American Students involved in school.

If a student is interested in joining BSA, talk to or email Ms. McGinnis, Ms. Brooks, Ms. Kalambay, Ms. Shegow, President Fatima, or Co-President Aminata. The BSA is always welcoming new members to join the association. BSA is looking to leave a legacy at WKHS. The BSA meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 pm in the newsroom, room 263. There are also activity buses provided.


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