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Flau’jae Johnson

How She Is Sharing Her Talents With The World

Do any of you know who Flau’jae Johnson is? or Is it just me?

Louisiana State Women’s basketball player flau’jae scoring against the Florida Gators women’s basketball team by lsusports.net. 

If you don’t know about her here’s the scoop, Flau’jae Johnson was born November 3, 2003 and was born in Savannah, Georgia. She is known for her many talents one of which is a College basketball player for Louisiana State University ( LSU) Tigers of the Southeastern Conference.

“Johnson started every game since she joined the roster, averaging 11 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.2 steals per game”

She started playing basketball when she was in high school. During her high school career she accomplished being listed as an all four-recruit and was the only girl to participate in the Iverson Classic.

And you might be asking, what is the Iverson Classic? The Iverson Classic is the most eventful All-American game in the country where the best players would come to battle it out on the basketball court but not only do they get to experience the competitive game of basketball  they also get to get involved in mentorship, community programs and high quality training.

Along with her accomplishing basketball career she is also an American Rapper.

Flau’jae performed her song Guns Down at America’s Got Talents and receiving the golden buzzer in 2018 by Billboard.

Johnson started rapping when she was 7 years old but later began her rap career at the age of 12 by joining a reality tv show called The Rap Game. The Rap Game brings together hip-hop artists to give them an opportunity to work with a good quality producer.

She started to rap to honor her late father Jason Johnson legacy who was also known as Camouflage  . Johnson’s father was killed outside of his recording studio after Flau’jae was born.

Johnson later wrote a song called “Guns Down” to honor her father who passed away to gun violence. she further shared her talent by going to America’s Got Talent and performed that song and received a golden buzzer.

wouldn’t you think that balancing college, being an athlete and a rapper is hard?

Johnson stated, ” I just learned how to be disciplined and consistent, You have to always want to learn, want to listen. Don’t be a know it all, always be ready to grow.”

Last year of 2023 johnson went back on America’s Got Talent All Stars and blew the crowd’s mind once again with her song “Ready Or Not Freestyle”, she even made the judge Simon Cowell emotional, and if you know who he is, then you know it’s not easy to impress him. If you want to experience Flau’jae johnson for yourself check out the link below

Along with her appearance on America’s Got Talent she’s been making new music, and released her first album last year of 2023 called “4 My Fans”and this year she has a new single out call “AMF” with well known rapper NLE Choppa.

If you want to check out her music it is on Youtube/Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music and more.




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