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Mental Health

Juggling School, Sports And More

Being a high school student in 2024 is complicated. Not only do we have a life outside of school, we have sports, we have work, and we have school on top of all of it. All to lead up to the big question: what are you doing after high school?

Mrs. Ali Kabealo professional work photo by HR imaging.

Mental health specialist Mrs. Ali Kabealo stated ” we need routine and especially with self care and mental health, so create a daily/ consistent thing that we put effort toward. Find something that can ground you. think about your coping methods.”

So how do we juggle it all? Mrs. Kennedy McGinnis, a mental health specialist at WKHS said “know your limit and know when to get a trusted adult involved.”

Tips for mental health: Organization, planner, calendar etc… , Asking questions, Find a trusted adult ( at home and school) , Don’t overextend yourself .

When it comes to sports it can be a big time commitment so make sure you know what days you have practice and when you are free.

There are different diagnoses of mental health. People can have the same mental health diagnoses but they may show different symptoms.

Mrs. McGinnis states” If you notice a friend acting much different then they do, make sure to ask them how they’re doing before you get an adult because they might already have an adult or parent involved.”

The easiest thing to do when you are dealing with mental health is to shut down which isn’t the best idea. when you don’t speak up nobody will know how to support you through your struggles.

Never let someone determine how big or small a situation is for you. If the situation is big for you speak to someone about it.

Mrs. Kennedy McGinnis Professional work photo by HR Imaging.

There will always be people who don’t think strongly about certain things you are passionate about.

If you are a student with an Individual Education Program (IEP) or 504 it is important that you use all the tools provided for you and you know what accommodations you may have so you know how to speak up for yourself when you need support.

Mrs. McGinnis states ” Use your accommodations, go to your case manager and review your IEP or 504″

You way be wondering,” what is an IEP and 504.

An IEP is a written plan that provides services and support to students who meet specific criteria under the individuals with disabilities Education Act ( IDEA). Students who qualify for an IEP need specialized instruction that require progress tracking.

While a 504 plan is similar because it recognizes that a student needs additional support through accommodations  it does not include progress tracking or specialized services.

If you ever need a trusted adult to talk to please reach out to your counselors but also as Mrs. McGinnis at [email protected] and Mrs. Kabealo at [email protected].

Here are some other very helpful resources:

  • Talk to your parents or another trusted adult.
  • Call Nationwide Children’s Hospital Crisis Hotline (17 & younger) at 614-722-1800
  • Call Netcare Crisis Hotline (18 and older) at 614-276-2273
  • Call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 or
  • Text the Crisis Text line by sending a text message to 741741.  (If you text “4hope” you should automatically be connected to someone in Ohio, but you can text anything – even just hello to get the conversation started.)
  •  If you are having an immediate emergency, please call 911.

If you are looking to be connected with an outside counselor for non-emergency mental health services, please utilize:




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