Worthington 2.0

Worthington 2.0

On monday, as I was on my way home from school, I turned onto my court, expecting to see the sights and sounds I had become accustomed to; children playing in the street, my next door neighbor diligently mowing the lawn, the unending barking of the dogs, and the pleasant songs of the birds. On that monday, however, I was greeted by an unexpected view; an assortment of construction workers ripping up the curb drains. I learned shortly afterward that they were doing renovations on the street, and I was only one of  dozens of people across Worthington sharing in this experience.

An example of the curb reconstruction being done across the city. (Micah Fenner)

For the past few years, Worthington and its schools have been receiving renovations on their older buildings and roads. The school renovations began in 2019, with phase one of the Master Facilities Plan (MFP), while the city improvements began just this year. The MFP, according to the Worthington schools official website, is a community driven and funded improvement of the current Worthington school system. Phase one, which was completed in 2021, saw the movement of sixth grade classes to middle schools, the renovation of middle school buildings, the reopening of Perry middle school, and the changing of school feeding patterns to better balance high school enrollment. In its entirety, phase one cost roughly $78 million according to a presentation Worthington Schools made in a community board meeting.


Construction on what is now Perry Middle School. Provided by Worthington Schools.

The second phase of the MFP is currently underway, with the primary focus being on the improvement of the Worthington Kilbourne and Thomas Worthington high schools. On the WKHS side of the equation, the renovations will see the improvement of the science wing, the removal of all locker bays in the building, the addition of a balcony next to the commons, and swapping the locations of the counselors office and library, along with other changes. According to a timeline made by Worthington Schools, The WKHS renovations are currently estimated to be completed in the winter of 2025.


A view of the proposed completed renovations of TWHS and WKHS. Provided by Worthington Schools.

Thomas’ improvements are much more substantial than what we will be receiving at WKHS. According to the MFP, TWHS will see a complete redo of their outdoor field house, along with renovations to the commons area, academic areas, theater, and natatorium. The field house renovations, according to Worthington schools, was a part of phase one of the MFP, “However, construction was delayed to limit disruption and to be certain that the location would fit within [the] updated master plan for the TWHS site.” The entirety of phase two is funded by a $234 million bond, with a majority of the funds going to support the TWHS renovations.


Along with the improvements made to the school, the city of Worthington is also taking steps to improve the road system and sidewalks. According to a statement made by Worthington officials on the city’s site, roads and sidewalks that do not meet current safety measures are receiving repairs and improvements across the city. These improvements include, “curb & gutter repair, asphalt overlay, asphalt patching, and miscellaneous concrete repairs.” Below is a link to a list of all streets that will be receiving road repairs this year.

The Proposed improvements to the media center here at WKHS. Provided by Worthington Schools.

As cities grow and change, it’s important for officials to make sure the infrastructure keeps up with this growth. It’s good to know that Worthington is making sure the schools and roads are the best they can be. Although some people won’t be able to see the benefits of these changes, they’ll be able to impact the lives of hundreds of people to come.


2024 Street Renovation List

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