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Boys Basketball Trip

The boys basketball team took a trip to South Carolina over winter break, here’s what they did.
Sophomore Tate Rich Dribbles toward the hoop.





In a winter break filled with both competition and camaraderie, the Worthington Kilbourne Boys Basketball Team stepped out of their Ohio comfort zone. They headed south to South Carolina for an unforgettable journey. They planned to play 3 games against South Carolina native teams. This wasn’t just a basketball trip; it was a fusion of basketball, team bonding, and new challenges.






Junior player Cam Fisher shed light on the team’s bonding experiences during a Charleston dinner, stating, “In my opinion, the best way our team bonded was during a team dinner in Charleston.” Fisher emphasized how these off-court experiences made the team closer. These experiences also helped the team on the court as well.

Young Baby B takes it up the court

But it wasn’t dinner when sophomore varsity player Evan Schutte recalled his off-court highlight – going bowling with the team.  They traded their sneakers for bowling shoes and stepped out on a different type of court. “Bowling was my favorite moment, aside from basketball,” Schutte shared. Sharing laughter and friendly competition among teammates led to a “fun but competitive experience” said Schutte. Aside from spending time with teammates, Schutte took the victory in the match, which was in his words “great.”

The team’s collective inspiration reached its peak at a Charleston basketball game. Schutte described it as the “highlight of the trip,” emphasizing the impact of shared experiences that went beyond their roles on the court. Collectively, Schutte, Rich, and Fisher found watching very talented players hoop in person “Inspiring.” They agreed that watching better players helped them with their own skills and IQ. They also noted that the atmosphere was “electric” and made for a great experience.

Sophomore and varsity player Tate Rich also partook in this trip. One of the most memorable experiences for him was working out how to adjust the team’s playing style to better combat the teams of South Carolina  “It took us time to figure out how to play against South Carolina teams.” Kilbourne finished with a record of 1 – 2 but the team got more out of these games than just a win. This experience of adapting to challenges will undoubtedly help the team manage other similar situations in the future.

Senior player Aiden Galogally posts up.





Rich also highlighted the need for adaptability, noting, “The refs in South Carolina were different than those in Ohio, and we had to adapt.” The team faced initial challenges but Rich also explained that “playing in a different environment makes us think about the game differently and makes us better overall.” New experiences will only enrich the understanding the team has of the game. Time will tell if these unique challenges will help the team succeed throughout the rest of the season.

Temar Lewis sizes up his defender

Worthington Kilbourne’s winter break trip went beyond the basketball court. Through a mix of intense games, spirited bowling sessions, and facing new challenges, the team forged bonds that will resonate beyond the court.  They got a break from the demanding basketball season with a chance to let loose. The South Carolina trip wasn’t just about the bowling matches or team dinners; it was a transformative journey that brought the Kilbourne Basketball team closer together.

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